Be Your Own Beloved Online Classes


Are you ready to see photos of yourself and smile at the person looking back at you?

Are you ready to change the story that you are photogenic or that you aren’t beautiful and see photos of yourself that feel like they tell the story of YOU.

Are you ready to reclaim your personal power, reclaim your voice back from your inner critic?

Are you ready for a tool that can help you step into a kinder relationship with yourself?

Are you ready to Be Your Own Beloved?


The Be Your Own Beloved E-Courses are programs to help you support you on your path to seeing yourself with compassion.  To help you learn and put into practice new ways of learning to treat yourself with the same kindness and reverence that you would a beloved one.

In these programs we use the tool of self-portrait photography aka selfies as a doorway to making a change in the way we see ourselves, our bodies and our lives. We are reclaiming and redefining how we see ourselves, outside of the lens of self-critique we may have become accustomed to. We are creating a new lens to see ourselves through, one that sees us with kinder eyes.

There are a few different online programs to suit your readiness to explore self-compassion through selfies. All are beginner friendly and designed for folks who aren’t presently comfortable in front of a camera but feel drawn to shift the way you see yourself in images and in the mirror.

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SELF-PACED (always open for registration):


Beloved Beginnings is a 10 day gentle program that invites you to begin to step into your photos. This isn’t about the typical arms length selfie either…instead we take a variety of self-portraits where you get to decide how you tell the story of you. Spark your self-compassion journey (and have fun in the process).

This online class is self-paced so there is no pressure to share your photos as you’re beginning to get comfortable with seeing yourself in photos.

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newbodyaccselfies300The Body Acceptance Series is a collection of 4 10-Day E-Courses designed to support you in making the camera an ally on your body acceptance path.

It consists of 4 classes:

  • Take Your Selfie for Yourself
  • Uncurated Body Love
  • Photo Resilience
  • Body Neutrality

Register for the series here! Or you can also sign up the classes individually. You can register for the Take Your Selfie for Yourself here.

takeyourselfie300Take Your Selfie For Yourself – May 15th- 26th, 2017

Take Your Selfie for Yourself is the first class in the Body Acceptance Selfie Series. In this class we reclaim our power back through the lens and ditch our worries of what others might think about them. We explore taking selfies for ourselves first and foremost.

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Be Your Own Beloved – June 1st-30th

is a powerful 30-day program that invites you to step into your photos, into your story, and into seeing yourself in a whole new way. Through the process of taking our selfies and telling our stories, we reclaim our voice back from our inner critics and learn to take selfies that we feel good about!

The Be Your Own Beloved class is experienced amongst a supportive community and with Vivienne as your guide. Class starts June 1st, 2017.

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Year Long Classes:

bodypeacefrontpage300Be Your Own Beloved Body Peace is a year-long journey to make peace with your body using the tool of self-portraiture to shift from a critical to a compassionate relationship with your self-image and self-esteem. Made up of 8 powerful programs throughout 2017 and the compassionate community the Be Your Own Beloved programs are known for, the Body Peace program helps you change the way you relate to your body and treat yourself.

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