Are you craving to tell the story of your day, your truth and share it with the world?

Are you ready to build a stronger relationship to yourself?

Are you hiding from cameras in your life, sure that you are not photogenic?  This class is for you, my friend.

You are invited to join Be Your Own Beloved and to begin a journey to see the person in the photograph and in the mirror as a friend and shift stories of self-hate into tales of self-love.  Yes, this class is about self-portrait photography but it is also so much more.

This class can be a doorway to a new way of seeing yourself: with more kindness, more self-compassion and to begin to treat yourself with the same reverence that you would someone who is beloved to you.

You deserve that same reverence, that same appreciation.

Yet for so many of us, it tends to be the opposite.

We think we aren’t photogenic.  We see photos of us as proof of stories that keep our negative self-image thriving.  We stop after taking one photo that we don’t like, closing the door to seeing ourselves with kindness. 

Yet this is why taking self-portraits has so much potential to be healing. 

Why hundreds of folks from around the globe have found transformation in their self-image through this class. 

Because we get to decide what we take as the truth of how we see ourselves. 

We hold our own map towards self-love or self-hate & we have the opportunity to guide our own way there.



The magic of Be Your Own Beloved is two-fold.

First is the prompts, arriving in a really gentle format each day into your email inbox.  Each day for the first 30 days of the month there is an activity to explore which explores this path of self-portraiture as a tool for self-compassion. Some of them may be done with ease, and yes…some might be out of your comfort zone (but truly, that is where the transformation happens).

The other powerful element to the class is the community.  In this class, we gather in a private Flickr Group and share our photos and this is where the second layer of healing happens.  We have bravely taken our daily photo and we share it with the group and are encouraged, supported, seen.

We find ourselves experiencing compassion from our community which can’t help but invite us to treat ourselves with that same kindness too.

Flickr Group Testimonials

Deborah Flickr Testimonial

You truly don’t need to have ever taken a self-portrait or selfie before to say YES to this class.  In fact, that is exactly who I created it for.  For folks (like I was when I started this process) who are ready to write a new story of their self-image.

To be open to seeing yourself in a new way.

To quiet everyone else’s voices of what or how you are supposed to be and listen to your own voice, your own choices.

Wait….but isn’t self-portraiture or “selfies” supposed to be narcissistic or self-centred (click the video for some insights into this myth)!


The Course:

Be Your Own Beloved is an adventure into exploring self-portraiture as a self-care practice.  We will create space during this month to cultivate self-compassion through self-portraiture!

It is structured as a 30-day photo adventure designed to cultivate self-compassion through the practice of taking self-portraits.

They say it takes 28 days to change or start a new habit, so in the month of February, you are invited to take part in a self-portrait activity each day as we cultivate self-love and make a habit of seeing ourselves with kindness.

The way the course is structured is gentle but the effects of taking part are powerful!  Each activity will take only minutes of your time but you will notice, when we take these little steps each day, they add up to create something pretty powerful during the month as a whole.   Not only that, but through the process of taking a self-portrait each day, we begin to re-write the stories that are tied up with our relationship to our self-image.

While we will be focusing on our own self-compassion adventure, we’ll be doing so in a community space!  You will be welcomed with open arms into a beautiful community from around the world.


Anna's Testimonial-3


  • Daily self-portrait activities & explorations delivered to your inbox!
  • An invitation to the community course space, our Class Flickr Group
  • A Daily Worksheet with Journalling/Reflection Questions
  • A Be Your Own Beloved PDF including the class prompts and journal questions
  • Supportive encouragement & feedback from Vivienne (as well as from your incredible classmates)!
  • A Live Community Call midway through class. If you aren’t able to join the call live, recordings will be available for you!
  • A Video Resource Library with 10 Videos to support your journey and answer your questions! As soon as you register you’ll receive access so you can start exploring the videos even before class begins.



Lori Testimonial


Dates: February 1st-March 2nd, 2018 (Plus a bonus class running November 20th-December 1st for those who join in early)!

As soon as you sign up you’ll receive access to the Video Resource Library to explore before class begins.

What you’ll need for class:

  • A camera of any sort!  A DSLR, point and shoot or iPhone are all great options.
  • Access to the Course Flickr Group (its not mandatory to participate in the Flickr Group but is a really powerful, enriching experiences so I encourage you to at least come visit the group).  This is also where I provide feedback & encouragement on your photos.


Register here:


Be Your Own Beloved February 2018 Session 
$129 CAD (Approx 97 US Dollars)

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If your email address is different than the on you have listed on Paypal, let me know when you register or via the contact form as I’ll be in touch soon to confirm your spot and send over the invite to the resource space for you to explore before class begins!

Be Your Own Beloved + a 1 on 1 Skype Mentoring Session with Vivienne

$179 CAD (Approx 135 US Dollars)
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As a companion to your Be Your Own Beloved experience, you can now book a 30 minute Skype Mentoring session with me during your Be Your Own Beloved class.  I’ll give you one-one-one support around what might be coming up in the process and help you find more resilience and empowerment around your relationship with photos.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars and Paypal will let you know the price in your currency.


Vivienne Class Bio







I took the last session of Be Your Own Beloved. Is it okay for me to join in again?

Yes, absolutely!  I use all of these prompts regularly and I definitely experience them differently depending on the day, so I think it would be mighty powerful to dig deeper into prompts you’ve done before.  So YES! Come join in again!

Is this a self-portraiture class?

Be Your Own Beloved is an adventure into self-portraiture, but as you’ll discover, self-portraiture isn’t just about capturing our image but rather it is about seeing ourselves in a new light and in that way, this class is indeed about self-portraiture.  That said, there is no pressure to take a specific type of self-portrait at any time during the class.  You can take photos of your feet or something in your hand.  You will be asked to take some sort of a self-portrait each day as part of creating a self-care practice through self-portraiture but I promise you it will be oh so much fun and you will feel very supported!

Do I get feedback on my photos?

We have a course Flickr group where we will be sharing our photos throughout the class.  I will be spending lots of time in the Flickr group exploring photos and I love to comment on photos and cheer you on!  The feedback you will get throughout the course will be encouraging and as you’ll find, it becomes fun to cheer each other on in this adventure!  You will definitely receive supportive feedback from me (as well as your peers) on many, if not all of your photos during the class.

Can I do the Mentoring Session after class is over?

The mentoring session is only available during or within the month after the class is finished as it is designed to support you during the experience or to help you integrate the process in the weeks after class is finished. There are no exceptions. That said, I have other Mentoring Sessions that you can do any time throughout the year and as you’ll see the offer combined with the class is a really special deal for course participants!

It says the prices are in CAD. What would that be in my currency?

Indeed, I’m Canadian, so the prices in Canadian currency but when you put the class into your cart, paypal will let you know what it will be in your currency before purchasing the class. You can check here to get a sense of what it would be though it may be a slightly different rate via paypal.

If you have any further questions about this don’t hesitate to click the contact form and connect with me!

Is the class for women only?

No, the class is welcome to all genders and all bodies. While the class is often mostly women registered, it is open to men and folks who identify outside of the gender binary. I use gender neutral pronouns in the class to welcome folks of all genders and to not assume the gender of anyone’s partner either. Safe space for all of us, including women, trans and genderqueer folks, LGBT community and men dealing working through body acceptance is of the utmost importance to me. Each class I’m in awe of the diversity of backgrounds and life experiences we each bring to the group and the safe space we create together.

Are the Videos in the Resource Library available with subtitles?

Yes. I’ve subtitled all of the videos in the library for you! You’ll be able to just click the Closed Captioning button on each video to access them while watching on a computer.

I’ve also made you a video with some of the common questions I get from folks wanting to join in for the class!