Be Your Own Beloved ~ Cultivating Self-Care


Being our own beloved is an adventure into choosing to see ourselves with compassion through our camera, but also to treat ourselves with compassion too.  It’s a journey to treat ourselves with the same kindness we would a dear friend.

The Cultivating Self-Care program is a 14 day workshop and a powerful jolt of inspiration, helping you to brainstorm and then fine tune creating some self-care practices to help fuel you and to claim space in your life for YOU.

Now, cultivating self-care isn’t just about creating rules or resolutions that we need to gather all our willpower to fulfill. While that works for some folks, for many of us it leaves us feeling shame if we don’t succeed or follow through.

This is about creating a revolution not resolutions.

In this program we dig into creating a self-care plan that really work for each of us. Because self-care isn’t one size fits all!  What tools fill up one persons well of self-care might actually be a draining practice for another participant.  This class isn’t me telling you what you need to do in order to fill up your own well, but is all about you finding tools to create more self-care in your life, your way!

Its all about making more time to be our own beloved, to treat ourselves like we would a dear friend and to cultivate more self-compassion along the way!


The Course:

This course invites you to think about new ways to create more space for self-care in your life.  Self-care isn’t just buying ourselves things or taking baths though!  In Week One I invite you to look at self-care through 7 different perspectives to help you find self-care tools that are a right fit for you.  What works for one person might not fuel another so you will be creating a self-care plan that is designed for your life and your needs.

In Week Two we take those discoveries we found in week one and put them into play, starting a self-care plan to help fuel ourselves and keep our well filled up!

In this class we will:

  • Find self-care tools that are a right fit for us
  • Create intention around gifting ourselves the time for self-care
  • Work on letting go of self-care being connected to the cycle of shaming ourselves
  • Explore simple, everyday self-care tools
  • Dig into how self-portraiture and taking photo walks can be self-care!

And so much more!


The Details:

  • Class starts when you sign up and while the prompts arrive for the next 14 days, you can explore it at your pace.
  • We’ll also be taking self-portraits as a part of this class so get your camera ready! But I promise they are mighty gentle and beginner-friendly activities (and are not mandatory but are lots of fun).
  • Share your photos via the #beyourownbeloved or #cultivatingselfcare hashtags. I’ll be on the lookout for them!


  • A camera of any sort.  An iPhone, point and shoot or DSLR are all great options
  • A journal or notebook to explore the questions and writing activities in
  • An Email Address (to receive the course posts at)







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Will there be costs involved beyond just the course?

That is a great question.  We will be testing out a variety of ways that we can create space for self-care during this class and I will be encouraging us to think about ways that we can do this for ourselves that don’t cost us!  Some of the self-care policies you decide on might involve treating yourself to something (like buying yourself flowers) but there will be no pressure to spend lots of money in order to create self-care in your life (quite the opposite in fact)!

Is this a photography class? Or a journalling class?

This is a class in creating more space in your life to refuel and treat yourself with kindness! We do use the tool of self-portrait photography to help create this for ourselves but you don’t need any previous experience in taking self-portraits.  It isn’t a class about journalling though you definitely may be inspired to pull out your journal or start writing in a notebook during class as we explore self-care tools.  Or you might be inspired to add photography or journalling into your life more as self-care!

I have taken Be Your Own Beloved.  Is this course similar?

This class is actually a whole different approach to self-care through self-portraiture and will help you design a self-care plan that works for you.  Of course, since I’m your guide in this class, my approach to self-portraiture as a tool for self-compassion and cultivating more kindness towards ourselves is at the core of this class too!  It is a great side-kick to the original Be Your Own Beloved class!

Alternatively, you don’t at all need to have taken Be Your Own Beloved in order to take this class.  We will be taking self-portraits in a truly gentle, beginner-friendly and welcoming way and you likely will be mighty inspired by your fellow classmates to start turning the camera on yourself as a tool for self-care!