Montage ~ Soulful Gathering

I’m mighty excited to share that there is a brand new class in 2013!

After teaching 3 sold-out sessions of the original Montage class this year, it became clear that folks were craving more video goodness and wanted to keep inspired after the class.

I wanted it to have the same deeply supportive energy as Montage, as when working with a new-to-us medium lots of questions come up!  I also wanted it to be a class that could be a class to gather up video clips before taking Montage, to keep creating after taking the original Montage class or as a stand alone class!

So I’m thrilled to introduce you to

Montage ~ Soulful Gathering

In this class you receive:

  • Daily posts in your inbox Monday to Friday for four weeks with daily invitations for ways to tell your stories through video.  The daily posts are gentle and invite you to let your story unfold.
  • For a more in-depth experience of the class, there is a classroom space where you can explore the days prompt in community space, where there will also be extra resources and inspirations for you.
  • A Weekly video in the classroom in which Vivienne invites you to come along on a video gathering walk with her and provides further inspiration for you on your video adventures.
  • A month of technical support from Vivienne
  • A PDF with all of the class content to continue your exploration throughout the year
  • An invitation to a Private Flickr Group to share video clips and still images from your adventures.
  • A soulful community experience
The course is absolutely welcoming for beginners, or maybe you who may be well versed in using your camera but may not have tried that video function yet!
You find out more information here!
As always, if you have any questions about whether the course is right for you, don’t hesitate to email me at