The Be Your Own Beloved E-Courses are designed to help you see yourself with compassion through your own camera. You can spark the journey with the self-paced Beloved Beginnings E-Course or join in for a group Session of the 30 Day Be Your Own Beloved E-Course. Or if you’re ready for a deeper dive, join the new Body Acceptance Selfie Series!



On your journey to see yourself with compassion, gift yourself with the experience of a photoshoot with a portrait session with compassionate, body positive photographer. My portrait offerings centre around you feeling safe, seen and empowered and you come away from the sessions with images that help YOU feel more seen and visible in your own life and celebrate the body you are in here and now!

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The Beloved Body Image Mentoring sessions are a one-on-one session with me exploring how the camera can be a tool on your individual body acceptance journey, a place for self-compassion to grow and to create an ever evolving relationship of resilience and visibility as you spark the journey to feel seen and at peace with your body and yourself.

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