SELF-PACED CLASSES (available anytime and starts once you register):


Beloved Beginnings is a 10 day gentle program that invites you to begin to step into your photos. This isn’t about the typical arms length selfie either…instead we take a variety of self-portraits where you get to decide how you tell the story of you. Spark your self-compassion journey (and have fun in the process).

Find out about Beloved Beginnings here!

delove300The Double Exposure Love E-Book & Video Tutorials

The Double Exposure E-Course is an exploration of the magic of layering photos. I most definitely have some unique tips and tricks for making your double exposures powerful and magical. The class comes to you as an E-Book + Private Class Page on the Be Your Own Beloved Website which includes activities and video tutorials!

Find out more about the Double Exposure E-Book and Resources here!


In the Re-Envision E-Course we’re using the tool of vision boards, both hands-on and digital and reclaiming them back from the ways diet culture has used them as a tool for creating ‘ideal bodies’. Instead we’re using them as a tool to invite in compassion for the body we have now and to reclaim and re-normalize the visuals we surround ourselves with.

Re-Envision will soon be available as a self-paced class.

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