Re-envision Workshop

Let’s create a visual safe space for ourselves. 

We’re going to rip pages out of magazines, print images, self-portraits and photos of our visual story.

Taking the power of imagery back into our own hands. 

Bringing it into the present.

To see our bodies with compassion here and now.

In the Re-Envision workshop we’re reclaiming the Vision Board as a tool for compassion rather than comparison or critique.

Many of us have probably done it, be it in person or online. We create vision boards to cultivate positive intentions. To surround us by images that help us create a visual representation of our lives that we bring into life.

Yet these tools are often used in a way that re-enforces diet culture. We use images of idealized photoshop bodies, images that don’t even represent the person in them, that become our goals.

The Re-Envision Workshop from Be Your Own Beloved flips the way that vision boards and visual representations have been used to manifest a future body, a future life, a future self and reclaims it as a tool to see our body NOW with compassion.


I’ve been using this tool for the past two years in my online classes as a way for us to re-normalize how we see our bodies and reclaim our power back. To reclaim the visual narrative we see around us and make it one that supports and serves us rather than tells us we aren’t enough.

In my own path of healing how I saw myself, surrounding myself by images of diverse bodies was PIVOTAL and I know I’m not alone in that. Seeing my own body in selfies as well as seeing images of other people that were outside of the norm of what the ‘visual norm’ was, was profoundly healing.

It changes how we see ourselves and others.

It allows us to re-envision what bodies look like, through a lens of compassion.

It allows us to see other people with more non-judgment, including ourselves.

This work is rooted in body neutrality and the tool of renormalizing how we our body through surrounding ourselves with reflective and supportive imagery.

In this three week online class we explore three core tools for shifting how we see ourselves in images. The fourth tool that I encourage people to use as a body acceptance tool is of course, selfies as an empowerment tool (which of course is at the heart of these Be Your Own Beloved workshop but there are a multitude of other classes to help you do just that and I wanted to do a rare non-selfie class to explore these other tools).

In Re-Envision we will explore:

  • Creating a Body Acceptance Vision Board
  • Creating Online Vision Boards as a Body Acceptance Tool
  • Re-Envisioning our Visual Influences through a Body Acceptance Lens

In this Online Class You Receive:

  • A Private Facebook Group (starting January 1st) where we’ll be sharing photos of our process and connecting as a community.
  • A Pre-Class E-Book (arriving in your inbox December 15th) inviting you to explore the ways that the visual influences around us has invited us to feel critical about our bodies and how we can reclaim our power back through these hands on and digital activities.
  • A Pre-Class call January 3rd about how taking control of the visual influences we see around us can help us renormalize how see ourselves in images. When we see images that show an unrealistic body standard, that’s what we compare ourselves to. But when we surround ourselves with images of diversity both that reflects us and that reflects the diversity of human existence, we stop seeing ourselves as ‘wrong’ and our reactions to seeing our body changes. I’ll be sharing some of the theory behind this process.
  • 3 Weeks of Activities that invite us to reclaim tools for re-envisioning imagery and taking control of the visual influences that affect us. On Sundays you receive an email exploring the theory and concept behind the week ahead and Monday through Friday you receive 5 gentle activities to put these ideas into action.


More about the Curriculum:

Part 1: Re-Envisioning the Vision Board as a Body Acceptance Tool

In Week One we are are creating a hands-on Vision Board. Get those scissors, glue, old photos and magazines handy cause we’re going to put them to use. Each day we add a layer to our vision board, inviting in images that allow our body to feel reflected rather than it being a tool for telling our bodies they aren’t enough as they are right there, right now. We’ll be seeking out images from magazines and online (while respecting copyright) as well as using selfies or images of ourselves taken in the past.

Part 2: Re-Envisioning Digital Vision Boards for Body Acceptance

In Week Two we switch gears and explore digital vision boards using either Pinterest or Instagram as a space to create private vision boards that help you reclaim how you see yourself. We’ll be creating private boards where you can feel safe collecting images and creating safe spaces for you to come home to on days where you might find yourself struggling with how you see yourself.

Part 3: Re-Envisioning our Visual Influences through a Body Acceptance Lens

In Week Three we notice the ways that our visual influences are infused by this pressure to have an ‘ideal body’ and we cull toxic influences and then welcome in body acceptance visual influences. Each day of this week I’ll be inviting you to explore 5 different ways that you can reclaim back the visual influences around you to be something that invites in compassion rather than comparison or critique of your own body.


January 8-26th, 2018.

Class starts January 8th but the goodness actually starts earlier! Once you register I’ll send you over an email with ideas of how to get started collecting images for class.

Then starting January 1st we’ll be gathering in our class Facebook Group and January 3rd we’ll gather together for a group call exploring why re-envisioning the images around us and reclaiming our power around them can be a powerful healing tool for seeing our body with compassion.

Then class officially starts January 8th!

There will also be in-person live sessions of Re-Envision this year in both Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia. To be first to be notified about the live sessions of Re-Envision, join this list!

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I know you’re known for teaching selfie classes. Are we going to take selfies in this class?

I know, this is a rare non-selfie class (but don’t worry, the majority of my work will continue to be selfie based because I truly believe it’s an important tool for body acceptance) but I did want to highlight some of the other tools I’ve been using over the years to explore and reclaim how we relate to images as a whole. There is indeed 1 day in class where we take a selfie but that’s it! You will also be asked to gather some images (be they selfies or ones other people have taken of you) to add to your vision board but you’re welcome to use whatever you have already printed. So if you’ve been wanting to take a class with me but aren’t ready to take selfies (or aren’t drawn to them) this is a great alternative to explore similar concepts but from a different creative perspective.

Can I use images from classes I’ve taken with you in the past?

Heck yes! A big part of why I wanted to do this class is for us to continue the work we do through the lens by printing out and using images of ourselves as a body acceptance tool in a hands-on way. So if you’ve taken Be Your Own Beloved or another class with me, please do dig out those images and print them out before class begins (I’ll be sharing more about this in the pre-email).

It says the prices are in CAD. What would that be in my currency?

Indeed, I’m Canadian, so the prices in Canadian currency but when you put the class into your cart, paypal will let you know what it will be in your currency before purchasing the class. The first page it will indeed list the CAD price but click onto the next page and you’ll see it will let you know what that is in US Dollars (or whatever your currency may be) before you confirm your purchase. You can check here to get a sense of what it would be though it may be a slightly different rate via paypal.

I know this is often an unfamiliar process for those who aren’t used to paying in another currency (we Canadians do this all the time) but I promise it’s super easy and PayPal does all the work for you! If you have any further questions about this don’t hesitate to click the contact form and connect with me.