The group beloved sessions are a beautiful blend of workshop plus mini portrait session.

We gather together and I start us off with some Be Your Own Beloved activities to get us warmed up with our own cameras (much like I do in the individual beloved sessions) and then I take each person aside for a 15 minute individual photo session.

The workshops activities focus on body acceptance through our lens and I can customize the activities to the comfort of your group. It can be an introduction to self-compassion through the lens, where creativity and self-compassion meet or a more radical workshop style for groups already focusing on body acceptance.

The group beloved sessions are ideal for a group or cohort that has built a level of comfort and trust together and wants to celebrate their discoveries individually and collectively. Bring me in as a part of your live workshop or retreat with your group.

The Group Beloved Sessions are for groups of a minimum size of 4 people.

The Group Beloved Session Includes:

  • 30-40 minute workshop of activities
  • 15 minute photo session per person (so connect with me about the length of the workshop as a whole depending on how many folks are a part of your group).
  • Photographs of your Group as a whole
  • Each person gets from 10-15 portraits via dropbox within 3 weeks of our photo session


  • The Base Workshop Cost is $300 plus $100 per person for the mini portrait session.

Interested in a group Beloved Session?

Tell me a bit more about your group and what you’re looking for and we’ll see if we’re a great fit for a Beloved Photo Session.