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Bye Bye BS – Hello Body Love Webinar


Sometimes it can feel like we’re surrounded by images and visual media that tells us how our bodies ‘should’ look, how to feel about them and what is expected of us. It’s overwhelming, isn’t it!

But it doesn’t have to be. Reclaiming our power over the negative media imagery and replacing it with positive, reflective imagery was a pivotal piece of my own body love journey. It’s something that’s really important to me to spread the word about and encourage others to try too.

Not sure how to make that happen…well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

This weekend I’m doing a 2-hour webinar with my fellow body-positive peer Victoria Welsby of BamPowLife on this very topic!

In the first hour of the webinar, Victoria will help you dismantle the negative media imagery that derails your body love journey and the ways diet culture permeates our daily life in this way. Once Victoria has helped you shake up how you see the imagery around you, I’m going to help you rebuild it again with positive, powerful imagery that has you feeling reflected and empowered. Of course, there will be some live selfie activities (cause why not jump in and try the tools in a community setting while everyone else is trying it too) and we’ll dig into how to feel more resilient around images.

Victoria and I are SO excited to share this webinar masterclass with you. I would love you to join us.

It’s called Bye Bye BS – Hello Body Love (Dismantling Negative Media Imagery and Rebuilding Photo Resiliency.

Yes indeed, in this two-hour webinar masterclass, you will be coached by two powerhouses in the body love industry and will learn how to tear down all of the negative media forces that lead you to question your worth and rebuild your confidence by learning to love your own self-image.

The details:

Reserve your spot in the webinar here!

A Dreamy Beach Photo Shoot & Gathering

A magical beach picnic photo shoot! Thank you @madelynmulvaney @westofwhimsy @herbmother @mamaspace and @smashingrubbish for a beautiful morning!

Beautiful luscious dresses, velvet coats and romantic scarves.

Champagne and the most delicioius grain free crumpets, strawberries and whipped cream.

A quiet cove with curly trees and curvy rocks.

A gathering of incredible women at dawn.

This weekend took a magical turn when my lovely friend Madelyn Mulvaney invited me to shoot photos of a gathering of women, the photos to be accompanying a couple articles she is writing for some of our favourite magazines (from Stampington of course).

We got up at the crack of dawn (literally….like 5 am) and drove south to just outside of Bellingham to this beautiful beach.  We set up our picnic, got dressed up in luscious clothing, cracked open champagne, savoured the incredible crumpets Jennette had made for us and shared stories.  Then before I knew it, it was time to head home…my camera full of hundreds of photos for the article and the whole thing felt like a dream!

While I will definitely share more photos from this amazing picnic at some point, I thought I’d share a few of the ones captured by my iPhone during those beautiful morning hours.

A beautiful beach photoshoot today with @madelynmulvaney & more. Thank you ladies for such a lovely morning!One more from this morning!
A BIG highlight was meeting the wonderful Jennette who I had met online 2 years ago when she took You are Your Own Muse. Getting to meet people I’ve gotten to know through their self-portraits is beyond incredible and I only wish it hadn’t taken me 2 years to get to meet her in person!

Almost all of the props and styling in this photoshoot came from her magic.  She also runs a shop called Smashing Rubbish and she is truly a goddess of props and set design…she has a total gift.

Totally honoured to get to join in on this beautiful dreamy morning!

So happy i finally got to meet the amazing Jennette @smashingrubbish

  • Jenny LeeMarch 25, 2013 - 11:50 am

    Wow, these are so beautiful. I kinda want to go shopping now. And champagne on the beach at dawn… nice!ReplyCancel

  • kelly bartonMarch 25, 2013 - 1:11 pm

    beautiful viv. always.ReplyCancel

  • jennette nielsenMarch 25, 2013 - 1:14 pm

    sister Viv! ohmygoddess how i adore you! i am so grateful for spending time with you….in person…finally! you are so full of light, kindness, and beauty. when i got home yesterday i immediately looked up vancouver folk festival! i am going to try arranging it but i do hope to have a chance to be with you/see you again before then! oh! at WDS!! yeah!! i wish we were neighbors. i love you! xoxoxo jennetteReplyCancel

  • TammieMarch 25, 2013 - 7:47 pm

    oh it looks like a time that will be treasured! thank you for sharing the beauty of all of you.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa FieldMarch 26, 2013 - 11:20 am

    Dreamy:) Made me want to jump through the computer screen and onto the beach!ReplyCancel

  • Rachelle Mee-ChapmanApril 9, 2013 - 6:59 pm

    Oh hai, Jennette!

    Viv, I met Jennette at one of The Jealous Curator’s “Art Crush” events. And then we got to be each other’s date at WDS the following July. LOVE that gal!

    (Oh to get all our favorite souls together in one place!) 😉

    Lots of Warmth,


Explorations in Compassion

Somewhere along the way we make a choice.

We decide that those negative voices, those gremlins, are wrong.

That we are more than those stories.

That we are worthy of new ones.

That we want to replace those negative self-stories with one that speaks with compassion.

And to see ourselves with kind eyes.

In the brand new E-Book called Explorations in Compassion produced by Seek Your Course Press, I share the story of what brought me to that place where I said ‘NO’ to those negative stories and how I  have found my way to writing new ones, through a lens of self-compassion.

I share some tools with you for how to use your camera to start seeing yourself with compassion.

Because any day is the perfect day to start seeing ourselves with loving kindness.

Because its not as simple as taking one photo, but one photo is a brave and beautiful way to open a door to the path of self-compassion.

Because we deserve to treat ourselves with the kindness that we so easily offer to others.

Because our camera can be a guide for us to find our way back to ourselves.

I’m a fan of the Seek Your Course E-Books and SO loved the first series with books by: Stephanie Lee, Pixie Campbell and Jess Greene and was so excited to write one for this second series of E-Books!  Be sure to check out the amazing E-Books by my fellow authors Maya Stein and Melody Ross!  Now, I’ve gotta tell you…these E-Books are not only packed full of insights and tools but they are absolutely beautiful too…total inspirational eye candy!

You can find these amazing E-Books including the Explorations in Compassion E-Book over here at Seek Your Course!   Oh, and if you haven’t discovered Seek Your Course yet, head on over there as it is an incredible resource for creative people to get matched up with the course or workshop that calls to them!

14 Days of Self-Love ~ Day Two: Co-Creating Our Lives: By Kristin Noelle

I’m so excited to share today’s post with you by the incredible Kristin Noelle.  Kristin has this amazing way of creating illustrations that speak right to the heart and make you feel like you’re not alone.  Her blog and her beautiful weekly Trust Notes have become one of my favourite places online (plus she’s a truly kindhearted soul).

All week long there’ve been clouds covering the sky where I live. Massive black clouds and billowing white ones; flat, pale gray, and ones dropping rain. They’ve even drifted to the ground, sometimes, shrouding us all in mist.

But something shifted last night and the sky turned clear. Or blue, rather. As blue as anything I’ve seen. Wind is still gusting in from the sea and the plants beyond my window panes are smiling in it – I swear it, smiling – reaching happy limbs toward sun.

And I’m struck, so struck, in all of this, by the ways it depicts my experience of self love.

Most of the time I want to find safety in my company. I want to be kind care-taker of this body I’m in, kind host of my spirit. But my steps forward on that path feel mysterious often, no more clear than the skies have been here all week.

I launched a creative business two years ago and for the entire first year I hardly slept.

I worked.
And I worked.
And I cared for my two preschoolers.
And I worked.

And I felt that whole year like my soul and the universe cheered GO! YES! DO THIS!

I assumed self love, that year, was all about GOING and YESSING and DOING THIS, fully knowing there were costs involved in those choices: physical fitness, emotional stability, social connectedness, time to relax. Loving myself felt like honoring my super-human drive to create, and what felt like a bigger-than-myself calling.

But as the calendar shifted to 2012 and a fresh year began, my body and spirit changed tunes.

“Honey,” they said, completely out of breath, “we can’t do this. We can’t keep up this pace.”

And the universe fell quiet. Quiet like standing in a fresh field of snow. Quiet like eerily so.

And I looked around and inside of me, questioning whether I’d heard anything right – whether I’d heard the GO! YES! DO THIS! at all, or whether I’d heard it but it was really my own ego talking, or the parts of me that really wanted my business to thrive, or whether those parts can even be untangled from the universe or Whatever It Was that felt so singularly, clearly focused all year on me pushing, full-steam ahead.

So, “Okay,” I said. I scratched my head and decided self love, for now, would be honoring these different tunes. Would be working more sustainably. Cutting back.

It’s been a year since that shift, and as the calendar turned a new January last month, it felt like a gust came through my life again.

Rather than urging me to slow down, however, this gust was an invitation: “Surrender,” it said. “Let go.”

And I felt more aware than ever of how hard I’ve worked this year again – not with super-human hours, but with a type of efforting, a type of internal assumption that I must somehow figure out the alchemy of creating a healthy business and single-handedly pull “that” off…when “that”, from where I’ve been sitting, has appeared as jumbled as all the business advice of the coaches I’ve paid and the business-y sites I’ve frequented rolled into a massive tangle.

Talk about shrouded in mist!!

I feel called from inside myself and called by something bigger to love myself and my work in a new way this year. To love us not by treating my work, earnestly, as a riddle to be solved (like last year), or a job that crazy hours alone will complete (like the year before that), but as an opportunity to co-create something beautiful in partnership with a Mystery. To co-create something that itself is a Mystery. That I will listen to and for and take steps I sense are mine to take in relation to, but that I don’t need to try to control or single-handedly define or orchestrate.

My hands feel open in a way they’ve rarely felt before. My mind feels less muddled. And I have a glad feeling of anticipation about where this partnership will lead.

Clear, blue skies are what’s inside.

And I’m struck as I write this by the ways weather cycles back. By the ways that our paths of learning self love and learning to discern the difference between the voices of our fear and the voices of our egos (same thing, really), on the one hand, and the voices of our deeper, wiser selves and of Spirit/universe/All That Is, on the other, are not straight and level and well-lit all the time (!). And by how even when they are, that’s just one stretch of the road. Up ahead the road will turn.

Like the weather.

Like the blue skies I’m enjoying right now for a time.

I’m struck, too, by how helpful and load-lightening it can be to hold common definitions of self love lightly. Because your best, MY best, most honest-with-myself/yourself definitions of it in any given season may look like the opposite from the outside.

Here’s to sharing life beneath cloudy, murky skies and to the joy of the clear ones that follow. Here’s to not always knowing how to love ourselves best and to setting our intention there as a practice anyway.

Here’s to creating and co-creating our lives with…and being ever created by…a great, and, I trust ever more deeply, trustworthy Mystery.


Kristin Noelle is a trust coach whose words, illustrations, and Deep Listening nourish trust-based living. She blogs at Trust Tending and lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two kids, and four chickens. Connect: Facebook :: Twitter: @knoelle.

  • ChristineFebruary 2, 2013 - 9:11 am

    Here’s to giving ourself the chance to recreate this life as many times as we need to.

    Thank you this was beautiful
    With Love, ChristineReplyCancel

  • cherylFebruary 10, 2013 - 4:15 pm

    ut me on ur 14 day list thanks, c.ReplyCancel

  • vivienneFebruary 12, 2013 - 9:33 am

    Oh you inspire me so much Kristin!
    Thank you lovely!ReplyCancel

Seek Your Course E-books News & Live Call!

First bike ride of the year!

I’m mighty excited to share that I’m going to be one of 3 authors of the newest E-Books in an incredible series produced by Seek Your Course!

I wanted to share this cool new offering available February 2nd and as part of the launch this Thursday, the 3 contributors: Melody Ross (yes, of Brave Girls Club), Maya Stein (yes, the incredible writer who biked across the states with her Typewriter for the Type Rider Project) and I will be joining our host Jessica Greene on a live call on the topic of Creative Self-Care.

I loved the last series of books featuring Jess Greene, Stephanie Lee and Pixie Campbell and it was a total honour to get to contribute to this series.  I’ve had a sneak peek of the E-Book and it is truly gorgeous (as are the first series. oh my…so lovely).

I listened to the last call with Jess, Steph and Pixie and it was really beautiful to hear their stories and I can’t wait to be a part of this one…thank goodness for my  lovely experience a couple weeks ago doing a live call with Jennifer Lee for her Right Brain Business Plan Workshop otherwise I’d be shakin’ in my boots with nerves over this call!  I hope you can join us as I think it is going to be a truly lovely chat!

To join in on the live call (totally free) all you need to do is register here and you’ll be provided all the info on how to join in!

  • Kristin NoelleJanuary 28, 2013 - 12:02 pm

    WHAT??! Awesome, Viv!! Can’t wait to hear the call!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Lelainia LloydJanuary 28, 2013 - 1:07 pm

    Thanks Viv. I’ll be there. (So glad it’s happening in the evening, so I’ll be home.) You will do great-don’t worry! I have absolute faith in you!ReplyCancel

  • Kate DJanuary 28, 2013 - 2:21 pm

    oh that’s so exciting! and what great company you are wiht. I will for sure listen in. I met Jessica at Artfest last year. I think what she’s doing is just fabulous.ReplyCancel