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Have you wanted to learn more about the technical side of photography but feel intimidated by the mathematics of it or worry that it is going to take away the MAGIC & wonder you feel when taking pictures on automatic?

I so hear you! The left-brain technical side of photography did that for me at first too when I was taking a course at a college.  It got me dizzy and made me wonder if I really would have ‘fun’ taking photos anymore once I learned that side of photography.

Except it did. When I’d get back outside with my camera and really experience playing with the elements of aperture & shutter speed it actually opened the door to photography feeling even more magical.  I’m an experiential learner and once I took that technical side but headed back into my right brain energy and got playful with it, it made sense!

So I wanted to create something for you that invites you to experience learning about your cameras technical side but in an accessible & experiential way, through getting playful both in front of and behind the camera!

This is E-Book is juicy!  It takes the typical way of learning the technical side of photography, much like you’d learn in a college photography class and shares it with you in an accessible & easy to understand way.

Thats not to say it is ‘dumbed down’ at all..rather, I like to think of it as being infused with a dose of wonder & exploration, taking these really left brain elements of photography and sharing them with you in a way that keeps that engaged, right brain energy that you love about photography flowing!

Sounds like a pretty fun way to learn about your camera, right?


So tell me…

  • Are you finding it powerful to explore seeing yourself with kindness through your camera with an iPhone but would love to make more use of your DSLR?
  • Are you wondering how to get twirling or jumping self-portrait that makes you swoon?
  • Are you craving to take photos with gorgeous bokeh in the background?
  • Are you finding it challenging to get yourself in focus in your self-portraits and wonder what tools can help you make that happen?
  • Are you seeing that a lot of your photos are dark or underexposed and are wanting to know how to boost your photo to be brighter?
  • Are you wanting to learn about your camera, but in an accessible, easy to understand kind of way that is open to just playing & getting to know your camera?

Then this is for you!

In this E-Book we Explore. 

  • Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Shooting Manually or Semi-Manually, Focusing as well as tips technical tips for setting your camera up to take self-portraits.
  • My self-portrait tips and tricks when using a DSLR.  It will be a behind the scenes peek into my process of taking self-portraits including examples of how the topic of each section (aperture, shutter speed etc) affected my process in taking the photo.
  • Visual Camera Examples on how to use some of the functions of your DSLR



Photo by Madelyn Mulvaney

What Gear Do You Need to Explore the E-Book?

  • A DSLR or point and shoot with manual capabilities (the option to shoot manually, or to explore aperture & shutter speed).  I promise…you don’t need to know how to use them as that is what we’ll be exploring in the E-Book!



$49 CAD (Approx $38 USD)

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Why is there such a big price difference between this E-Book and your other one? 

I love making E-Books like the Tips & Tricks for taking Dreamy Photos E-Book and making it available to you at a super affordable price so you can get inspired to get that camera out.  This E-Book is a different price point because it is quite a different E-Book…this E-Book is much like a semester long college photography class that would cost you hundreds of dollars but brought to you in an accessible & experiential way.  This E-Book is so juicy and is not just packed with inspiring images & technical know-how, but it is also filled with all of my biggest secrets for taking amazing self-portraits.   I actually feel like its a steal of a deal at $49 (and may not remain at that price forever)!

What if I want to learn how to use my camera but don’t want to take self-portraits?

This E-Book explores learning the technical side about using our DSLR (or point and shoot with manual options) to take self-portraits.   The energy of all of the work I do explores cultivating kindness through self-portraiture and while this E-Book explores the technical side, it includes that energy too.

That said, you can most definitely explore the E-Book and try out the explorations on other subjects (but you just might find yourself wanting to give a self-portrait a try too)!

I took Be Your Own Beloved but I’m not totally comfortable having my whole body in photos quite yet.  Are the self-portrait activities in this E-book all about taking whole body photos?

As with Be Your Own Beloved, the activities are flexible and you can take part in a way that works for you.  We’ll be exploring inviting ourselves into the frame in a variety of ways, including putting down the camera and stepping in front of it.  But you will be welcome to do these activities in a way that is a fit for you (and I’ll be encouraging and reminding you of this along the way).

Will you be offering this as a class again at some point?

I likely won’t be offering it again as an E-Course as I feel like in its E-Book form, you are able to explore it at your own pace which is really beneficial to learning about our cameras.  We might take a whole month (or even a year) to really dig into one element of our camera.  Or we might try one each day!  There is no right or wrong way or pace to learn about our camera and I find the E-Book format will bring these tools to you and let you explore it at your leisure!