Rainy Day Photography

droplets of pink

This week, our blissful extended summer shifted to the usual fall Vancouver weather.

One of my favourite parts of the rainy season and one of my big ways to get through the grey is to focus on what the rain does bring that is fabulous for photos, primarily those little water droplets.  When I notice pauses in the rain happen, I head out for a quick stroll around the neighbourhood and see what droplet photos I can gather.

What I love about seeking water droplets is that it invites you to go even deeper into the art of noticing.  An entire plant will be covered in water droplets  and you get to focus in on which ones draw you in.  It makes you look even closer.

Here are some glimpses of what I found in todays rainy pause:

rosesfall flowerspetals of wateroutside my doorcloverlittle dropletsgathered droplets