My Word of the Year


Whenever I visit with folks in person from this creative online world, of course, our word of the year comes up.  I told a friend my word of the year recently and I confessed that I hadn’t spoken my word aloud online.  When I spoke it we burst into laughter because, well, its the kind of word that needs to be spoken aloud.  Keeping it silent is pretty much the opposite of the word itself.

And the word is: Confidence

Here’s the thing though. Just like any other word, when you put the intention out, it takes hold and creates a focus for your year.  Though sometimes not in the way you expect!

When I chose the word confidence, I wanted a word that would help me thrive in both my personal life and business.

It isn’t a glamourous word to chose as your word of the year.  Not at all.  But I’ve seen over the past few years that when I pick a word that becomes a focus for my year, big things can happen and they aren’t always pretty.  Oh, like the year I chose the word thrive.  The year I made gigantic changes in all the ways I was merely surviving…not always a pretty picture.

I knew there were some big changes that I wanted to make in this year including being proactive about dating, evolving my business and diving into some big-dream truths.  I knew that if I picked a word that was a bit less vulnerable, well, it might not be helpful.  I wanted to step up this year in a lot of ways.  So I went for it, for the unglamourous but the truth behind all of the thing that I really wanted to change in my life.

Is finding confidence.

I confess I’ve had this post as a draft for a long time now (i even accidently published an old version of it…if that showed up in your blog reader, thats why).  I wanted to wait for a time when I really felt confident, when I felt like that sassier, more confident version of myself who made bold business decisions and exuded confidence.

There has been lots of moments that that felt true and many that it hasn’t.

What I’m learning about confidence is that it really isn’t just only about the outward expression.  It isn’t just about extroversion and what we present to other people.

Like those words I found written on a wall near my house, I’m learning about being more self-confident and supportive to those parts of myself that don’t fit it.  To be totally truthful, its not all that hard to be bold and confident in the ways that are socially welcomed in a certain situation or in society in general.  I’m discovering that maybe true confidence exists in embracing those parts of ourselves that may not always be welcomed with open arms but finding ways to love ourselves (in the ebb and flow process of self-love) no matter what.

Its not just about an outward expression of confidence, or at least, that doesn’t seem to be the end result (its never really what we envision it to be on January 1st, is it).  Sure, I really welcome more moments of sassily feeling confident in my own skin, feeling brave in dating and business but I’m really all good with whatever else confidence has to teach me in the coming months.  I think it is a pretty darn good word to have chosen after all.

I’m getting some glimpses of some ways that my business could change drastically if I chose to.  The word confidence might make you think that I want to start trying to be the next big thing, but its actually quite the opposite.  I think I’m dialing in to a deeper purpose in the work that I’m doing, one that could make for some big shifts in my offerings but that might feel even more in alignment with what I feel like I’m meant to offer in this lifetime.

So, I figured it was high time that I spoke that word aloud.


Bring it on.

{And I’d love to hear what your word of the year is and if you’re having any half-a-year into it revelations}

  • Wendy Sullivan - a.k.a. Wind GypsyOctober 10, 2012 - 11:52 am

    YES. That was and is my chosen word. YES led me to Hello Soul Hello Business, Flora Bowley – which led me to one of my new passions, painting, and it led me to YOU and the picking up of my little Canon camera to discover a world that I did not know was in me. It led me to express myself through pictures and amazingly through a once in a lifetime Video Montage that came from somewhere deep inside that I did know existed. YOU have been a huge part of my YES, and I AM TRULY GRATEFUL. Because of your word, my word found you and they merged somewhere out in cyber space!! You changed my life. Thank you Vivienne.ReplyCancel

  • Lelainia LloydOctober 10, 2012 - 12:34 pm

    I think any time you are wishing you had a certain quality, the key to building it for yourself if to act “as if”. If you want to be brave or strong or confident (or whatever it is) act as if you already are. It’s that whole “I think, therefor I am” theory.

    My word for 2012 was “True North”, which for me was about holding myself accountable to only doing the things that speak to who I am and what I am passionate about. It’s been interesting because once I committed to that, the Universe decided to test me big time. It was not a good experience, but it sure reaffirmed how important my choices are. I learned alot. For one thing, my instincts about people are always right on the money so I need to pay attention. Live & learn!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda @ Click. The Good NewsOctober 10, 2012 - 6:03 pm

    Such a great message! This is the first year I have a word & I’ve loved how much it has helped me stay grounded & kept me focused n what I want. My word is TREASURE- both to practice more gratitude towards everything in my life and to be treasured by those around me & to treasure myself.ReplyCancel

  • Robin aka Gotham GirlOctober 12, 2012 - 10:10 am

    Great post Viv! My word for the year is LEARN! And that’s what I’ve been doing…learning a new camera, LightRoom software, your Montage class, it goes on and on and will be for a long long time! Thank you!!ReplyCancel

  • charlotteOctober 13, 2012 - 10:46 am

    My word for 2012 is Love and I guess I wanted it to be of the romantic kind, fullfilling the dream about meeting The One…
    Now this is NOT what happened – I have found great love in new friends, women who support me in every way, I have also been more loving towards myself, taking care of my body, going to the gym. But I have also learned about love in a way I never expected. This summer my superhero mother was diagnosed with pancreas cancer and my heart just crashed…Shes´s been my EVERYHING and only parent so needless to say, this journey have been the worst ever,
    Five days ago she passed away and I was there until her very last breath. Death is the ultimate teacher of love – it has taught me to embrace ALL of it. The time is now.
    And in the end – Love is all that matters.
    Thank Goddess for my Iphone camera – I dont know where I would be without it.
    And I know my mom is proud of me for staying open to the beauty that is everywhere. Life goes on and so will I. Filled with Love./Blessings from Sweden!ReplyCancel

  • L.McG.-E.October 14, 2012 - 3:24 pm

    I love this Vivienne. I am so glad you are finding your confidence, you give so much and have such great talent, it is right that you own that.ReplyCancel

  • CherieNovember 3, 2012 - 6:42 am

    Hi there! My word of the year is “light.” I had no idea of the power of choosing a word & the transformation that would ensue. It turns out that I ended a 15 year relationship that wasn’t serving me anymore when certain things came to light, and I’m now currently learning to step into the light to be seen.

    It’s been a beautiful, messy, raw, turning inside out & upside down, utterly vulnerable experience.ReplyCancel

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