Preparing for Fall

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Oh fall.

You’re being gentle so far.

Days slowly shortening, heat slowly (thankfully not dramatically) shifting to cooler mornings but still summer days.

Last weekend at a small gathering, as we ate the most delicious peach cobbler with coconut ice cream (bliss) made by my friends, the theme of the night became all the positive things about fall and ideas of how to embrace fall.  So I thought I’d share a mix of those things that are making me rather excited for the coming season.

  • Making Soup
  • Going on hikes on trails that are usually way to touristy to do in the summer
  • Biking around Stanley Park (which is also too ridiculously busy during the summer months).
  • Putting books on hold at the Library so all fall there is a regular flow of divine fiction to read
  • My Nia Dance class starting again
  • Chai Tea in the evening
  • Getting back into running, which I started back at this week (me + summer heat + running are not a good mix. I’m definitely more of a fall/winter/spring runner)
  • Cozy scarves and hats (or tuques as we have been known to call them here in Canada)
  • Remembering on rainy days that I have a gym membership and can go to classes any day of the week (I’d much prefer to be active outside but this membership comes in mighty handy during the winter)
  • Matinees on rainy afternoons
  • That I can wear my Blundstones again.  Walking through (or yes, jumping in) gigantic puddles in these boots makes me particularly happy as they are oh so waterproof and let no water in.
  • Apples.  Everything about apples.  Apple crisp, the smell of apple trees.
  • That there are presently ripe figs on the tree in my front yard.  Which I will pick later today and make something delicious with.
  • Cooking with Squash and other root veggies, that I don’t tend to crave during the summer.  Oh delish.
  • Colourful leaves on sidewalks (and all the photo potential that brings).
  • Cosy hoodies (I’m especially a fan of Prairie Underground Hoodies)
I’ll need this list to remember when the rain arrives and when the days get way shorter.
How about you?  What are your favourite things about fall?
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  • Lelainia LloydSeptember 7, 2012 - 1:43 pm

    Here’s my list:

    -Cranberryfest in Ft. Langley on Thanksgiving weekend. This is the highlight of ushering autumn in.

    -Canadian Thanksgiving, my all time fav holiday

    -pumpkin pie (I have the best 5 min. recipe)

    -celebrating my husband’s birthday (Oct. 19th)

    -Celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary. (Oct. 27th)

    -walking through piles of leaves

    -wearing boots & jeans & warm sweaters

    -drinking tea in the evenings

    -pumpkins & gourds everywhere

    -crisp fresh apples & baking apple pies

    -the dark (I know, I’m a freak. I love it. It feels cozy.)

    -the wind

    -hiking in the cooler weather

    I am right with you about the matinees and books.ReplyCancel