Sidewalk Wisdom

sidewalk wisdom 1

One of my favourite things about my neighbourhood (and there are so many things) is the sidewalk wisdom that I come across.

A few blocks away from my place there is a stretch of a few blocks where there are messages galore.  That, plus the occasion chalk message make for pretty inspiring photo walks.  I wonder who wrote all of them.  Was it the same person or a bunch of them.  Its  kind of like a love bomb walking through these few blocks and I will confess I often take that route in my photowalk specifically to see them.   Why not?

If you have any sidewalk messages you’ve come across, please don’t hesitate to share a link to your image!  I’d love to see the wisdom you come across.

Also…there is always potential to grab a piece of chalk and write one ourselves, especially one we might need to hear!

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