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red shoes in the forestWe’re just finishing up Week 2 (out of 3) of Montage and oh my…good things are happening.  This course has me on my toes as it is the first class I’ve taught that is not photography based, but I’m so glad I went out of my comfort zone and offered it.  I’m in awe of how many people are so eager to create videos, to explore it as a creative medium and especially in awe of the incredible work they are creating.

A few of the incredible participants have allowed me to share their videos!  We’re not even done the class and they are ready to explore a second video (this can be a bit addictive, I should warn you).  I’m also getting such kind feedback about the course.

One lovely participant, Janet said:

“I want to thank you for providing such a wonderful balance between the technical and the creative in making our videos. You truly understand both sides and have the ability to share that information in a way that is inspiring and reassuring. I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone creates in this class. Thanks for all the heart and soul that you put into your online classes– love ’em!!”

-Janet Boeke 

I’ll never watch another video, movie, t.v. show, or home video in the same way after this class. One week of this class has opened my eyes in ways I couldn’t imagine. I’ve always affirmed that “I am not visual.” I am changing this affirmation to: “I see everything.” Between Rule Free Photography and this class, I can see myself turning into a Montage Maniac! Thank you Vivienne, for holding a safe, sweet, enthusiastic space to open my eyes.

-Wind Gypsy

There is another session of this class running this August.  There is also an early bird deal for the class that ends tomorrow, so now is a fabulous time to dive in and join us!

And here are some of the participants incredible creations!

By Celina Wyss

By Colette Trad

By Lelainia Lloyd

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