Nephew and Auntie Adventures!

Arlo, nephew extrordinaire

As with every trip to Portland, I can’t help but take tonnes of photos of my sweet nephew.

As he’s getting older, its getting a bit more challenging.  When he was really little he’d gaze at my camera wide eyed wondering what the noise was, but for a while now he has been totally uninterested in me taking pictures of him.

What is a photographer auntie to do?

Why, play games and be silly of course!

Every single good shot I got of him this trip was when I was either playing a game (doing a backwards silly run as he chased me) or just making him laugh.  Isn’t his smile so lovely?  Totally worth acting like a goof in public to capture in a photo (though I should confess  I’m known to do this in most photo shoots anyways).

We had the best day together on Sunday, going out for brunch together just me and him.  I want to make this a tradition to just have auntie & nephew time.  When we were kids our grammy would make a point of spending a whole day once in a while with each one of us kids (there are 3 of us) and going somewhere neat.  Those days really stand out in our memories and I want to make a point to do that with him too throughout his life.   Plus, at this age, it helps give his parents a well-deserved break!

i love himcool dudechillin' at the playground Arlo