The Chakra Photo Workshop

chakra photoIntroducing:  The Chakra Photo Workshop, a brand new course exploring the Chakra System through our cameras.  We’ll be learning about the chakras and get inspired to seek out the energy of each of them through our cameras.  This is such a different course than any that I’ve ever offered and I’m so excited to bring it to you!

I wanted to share a bit about how this course emerged and where my interest in the Chakras began.

When I started working on this class, it made so much sense to weave photography and the chakra system together.  You see, many years back I studied with some incredible Mentors from a collective called the Thirteenth House Mystery Tradition. As a part of my training, we explored all sorts of of wonderful things: wicca, meditation, tarot, astrology.  The one that had the most effect on me was a course called the Tree of Life which was a 7 month course exploring the chakras.  I think I did the course at least 2 times as it was so powerful.  Each month we’d explore a different chakra and I was amazed how by simply focusing and learning about the chakra, the effects were pretty profound.  Some months I’d feel physical pain or get sick in that area (like the throat), other times beautiful things would happen (like the month of the heart).  It amazed me.

So while my wicca exploration isn’t part of my daily life these days, I definitely experience the effects of it, especially through the chakra work.  The idea came to me to start exploring each chakra through photos, I was hooked on it right away.  Just being present in each of those energy centres, exploring and learning about them through the lens of photography is going to be amazing.  I am really SO excited to share this class with you.

It also has the energy of a summery course (though if you’re in the southern hemisphere….I promise you it isn’t centred around summer) but it does have a light and playful energy to it and will mesh well with your July and August adventures.

Registration has been open for a bit, but I realized I hadn’t blogged about it yet and shared where the idea came from.  We already have a really wonder group of folks signed up but there is lots of room, so if you feel called to join in, you can find out more about it via this link!

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