Photo Session ~ Maleea Acker

Maleea Acker

Last week I had a fabulous photo session with the poet, author and environmentalist Maleea Acker.

I’ve mentioned Maleea before on my blog, when I visited her home last summer. Her Meadow caused controversy in her neighbourhood in Victoria, BC when she turned her own yard into a beautiful Garry Oak Meadow.  Her brand new book  Gardens Aflame shares the story and importance of the Garry Oak.

Here’s a glimpse of our beachside photo session and I hope you take a moment to click on some of the above links and learn more about her work!

Maleea Acker
Maleea Acker
Maleea Acker

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  • Lelainia N. LloydMarch 13, 2012 - 11:07 pm

    These are so beautiful. I think the colour and texture of her scarf and the soft windblown hair speak perfectly to someone who is in tune with the earth. The one with the rocks in the background just sings! It’s quintessentially west coast.(I also like the one with the green background-it pops.)

    I loved the story and photos of her garden, which I read the last time you posted about her.

    You are so good at capturing the beauty of your subjects, in such a soft and subtle way.ReplyCancel