Breaking the Rules!

Rule-Free Photography

I’m so thrilled to share a new offering with you.  I had such a blast working with the fabulous folks over at Live it to the Full for our Emerge Course and I am mighty excited that they are now offering some photography specific classes as well.

So during the last two weeks of March, I am offering a brand new course: Rule-Free Photography.

This course is for those of you who get overwhelmed with all you are ‘supposed to know’ to explore photography.

The title for this course was inspired by some kind words I got from a fabulous past participant in my self-portrait classes, Johanna Harness who said “Vivienne took all the rules that have been holding me back and replaced them with playfulness.  Worlds of possibility opened up for me.”  

During this 2 week class we experiment, explore, make mistakes and go against the rules of what we are supposed to do in photography.  Of course, the How-To’s of photography are important and with purpose, but often they can hold us back from accessing the creative energy of photography, which is just as important.

I so often hear folks tell me that they feel like there is so much to know in photography and this class is all about letting go of all that you think you should know and accessing what you already know as a creative being, using the camera as our paintbrush, our pen, our thread, our yarn.

  • This course is designed for those of you just beginning to explore photography but also those who could use some outside of the box creative photography fun!
  • This is for those who crave to engage in photography as a playful relationship.  This course will infuse your photography with a playfulness that will keep you creating long past our two weeks together.
  • This is for those of you who’s camera has been sitting on the shelf or in your camera bag for a while now.  It is a 2 week dose of goodness that will jump start you back into feeling inspired.

Plus, this class is oh so affordable!

I hope you’ll join me for this two weeks of creative-photography exploration.  I would love to break the rules with you!

You can learn more about the course and register on the Live it to the Full website!