California Getaway


I’m presently sitting in the San Francisco Airport watching the sun rise through the fog.

It is bright and determined and radiant.

I’ve been away for a week and what a week it has been.

In planning for this trip, we changed the date a number of times, so when it came down to departing, I was really just caught up in what I needed to do to get ready.  So I really  had no expectations of a trip.  I knew I would have fun, but I didn’t know how much the sunshine would lift my spirits and how much I needed to get away from city life for a few days.

This trip was mainly about hanging out with my pals Valerie and Elke and the 3 of us (originally 4…we missed you Elizabeth) just having some restful retreat time.

We rented a place in Stinson Beach for a few days and just settled in.  We walked along the lagoon, cooked from scratch and ate oh so well.  We had appitizers and wine each night as we sat by the fire.  We hiked in Point Reyes Park and had a picnic.  We had a beautiful mix of solo and together time and each did what we needed to at any point.  It was a low pressure, wonderful trip.  Looking back on photos after we got back, it was oh so noticeable how happy we all looked. Wide and true smiles.

And the sun, oh she shone.

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