Muse Interview ~ Tangerine Meg


I’m excited to share another Muse Interview with you today!  This one is with the lovely Meg who was a part of Wading In.  I love having folks in the classes who have a base in their visual art already and hearing how adding photography to their creative toolbox allows them to grow.  Thanks for sharing your experience with us Meg!

Could you share a bit about yourself?

 Hi I’m Tangerine Meg and I make Bold Art for Bold Souls!


Have you experienced any shifts by doing self-portraiture?

Up ’til now, I’ve tended to show my ideas and joy via my linoprints, watercolour paintings and books of private scribbles! Learning about photographic self-portraiture has given me another string to my bow: confidence to use photography as another means to tell a story, and a variety of ways to do so.

On another practical note, I’ve become aware of my house and garden as potential photo backgrounds! I’ve been paying even more attention to surrounding myself with brightly coloured and personally meaningful things. Sounds simple, but it is a lovely way to recognise and care for yourself, as a ‘visual person’!

purpletop_embr_bg for int

What was your favourite self-portrait you took?

Maybe this simple indoors one with embroidery on my shirt and an embroidery hanging in the background. I even got to put that Dr. Seuss quote in it in a cute font!


Is there anything else about the experience you’d like to share?

After Graphic Design training in the 80s, I was a steadfast SLR-and-Film-Is-The-Only-Way Girl. This course has opened my eyes to some of the potential of using my little red digital camera! It’s been equivalent to the empowerment of learning how to understand the internet subscription or pay bills online!


This past fortnight, I had some health news about my thyroid gland and although I was feeing sorry for myself, I decided to put a temporary tattoo on the area (the neck) and take some shots to help myself gently get used to the idea of it not functioning as it ought. Greater confidence with self portraiture proved to be a valuable and self-contained tool to help process my thoughts and feelings. I like this wintery, verging on abstract one with the depth of field leaving my neck out of focus, yet prominent!

Where can we find you online?

I am based at and from there you can get to my bold art shop, my blog,   get my blog via RSS or subscribe to my newsletter.

Wading In: Dipping Our Toes into Self Portraiture was an inspiring, fun, gentle yet productive course and I recommend it very highly 🙂 I am certain in the future I’ll take other courses taught by Vivienne as she is completely delightful.


This last picture with the blue star flowers is my most recent (apart from the blurry neck shot!). I am amazed at the focal length effect – it gives me vertigo! (And makes the flowers look like little stars!)
Hmm… I think I have a new-found curiosity with blurring and focal length…   🙂